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Pervy Preston can’t control himself. He can’t keep his hands off of Ava Addams’s bras, and she’s his girlfriend’s best friend! She’s staying with them, so he sneaks into her room when she’s out, rifles through her drawers, and pulls out one of her bras and starts masturbating to it. But Ava arrives home from shopping and catches him flogging the dolphin to her brasserie, right in her room! Preston’s embarrassed but tells her he can think of nothing but her big tits, especially since his girlfriend is anything but well endowed. He even goes so far to tell Ava that if he just saw her giant knockers in the nude he’d be satisfied, and everyone would be able to move on with their lives. But once she unleashes the puppies, Preston’s all over them! Ava can’t help herself either because she knows Preston has a big dick, and she wants to get fucked. Hey, whatever works!

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Guys just can not get to know each other's girls, every time it comes to a meeting they disappear. Having discussed this problem, the guys come to a simple conclusion, they fuck one and the same calf, which deceives both. Friends decide to uncover the mystery of lascivious skin, and entice her to her. Once caught, a tiny blonde Anya Shidlerova applied her female charms, and said that everything would explain in the bedroom. But when she came to the bed, she immediately got on her knees and unzipped their pants. Little hands of beauty confidently hold both members, while the tongue takes turns licking their heads, and the lips suck sweetly. Lovers divide the insatiable whore, and while one continues to shove her into the mouth, the second passionately chops her from behind. The girl enjoys such hard sex, and asks her partners to let her hole in her feel in everyone. The guys gladly take the slut in different poses, changing in turn, so that the mouth and pussy girls are always occu..

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A MILF in need’s a MILF indeed, a MILF with big tits is better! And that all pretty much sums up Dee Williams, the busty hot mom who has her son’s friend over help her with some chores around the house. Now that she’s divorced, she doesn’t have a strong, handy man around the house. And when she sees how strong, young and virile her son’s friend is, she wants to give him a handy! She invites him into the bedroom to find her big tits hanging out and ready for a tittyfuck. Good thing she’s got a young buck with a big dick in her bedroom, because she wants that divorced pink pussy plowed like she’s about to get married again tomorrow!

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JILLIAN JANSON & DYLAN SNOW Site: Naughty America Sep 29, 2017 College girl Jillian Janson is a young, free, HORNY opportunist, which is why fucking her rideshare driver – YOU – is the best decision she’ll make all day. Step inside her home, because she’s running late for class today and the only way she’s going to get there is you. But the only way she’s going to get fucked this morning is also by you, so you’ve got a win-win situation going on! Once she sees you sitting there waiting patiently, her tune changes quickly from scholastic to salacious. And upon wrangling that giant snake of a dick you have out of your pants, her pussy gets so wet the air feels humid. You’re driving all day today, so sit back and let Jillian shift your stick into her mouth for a while, then she’ll turn the tables and give you a ride! You’ve been fantasizing about a rideshare fuck for sometime now…Virtual Reality never felt so real!

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Never mix business with pleasure — unless you’re getting your dick sucked. Kyle’s a bit perturbed with what his wife’s friend Sophia Leone has done to their home. She’s trying to get her interior decorator business going, but it’s not going anywhere with Kyle, because she didn’t give him the modern feel he was going for, and he tells her he’s going to start from scratch. But Sophia can’t afford to lose the project and her credibility, so she tells Kyle she’ll do “anything,” (wink-wink! jab-jab!) to keep the gig. That’s when we find out how huge Kyle’s dick is, and that his wife’s sexy Latina friend wants it in her mouth! And for an interior decorator, she gets pretty sloppy and messy when she sucks and fucks a big dick. But after fucking the smoking-hot interior decorator and decorating her interior, will Kyle keep the house as is???

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Hey water man! Bridgette B. needs her water jugs filled, but not before she wants to the water-delivery guy to fill her with his dick and take care of her jugs! She’s scared away the last three or four delivery guys that have been to her house, but the new guy, Preston, is convinced that his happy, faithful marriage will give him the strength to avoid any mishaps at this client’s house. But he must not know the power of big tits and a lonely, leggy, horny Latina who wants nothing but to be fucked. What wife? That’s what Preston’s thinking once Bridgette removes his wedding band and prepares to devour him! And devour she does, deepthroating his big dick and fucking it until he sprays cum all over her face. Will this water guy stay around? Stay tuned to find out!

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When JMac catches his buddy’s girlfriend Marilyn Mansion dancing to music in her earbuds while cleaning in the kitchen, he bombs her with singles like she’s a stripper! Marilyn’s embarrassed but she plays it cool, even when J starts hitting on her while her boyfriend isn’t around. He’s always wanted just one little kiss from her, so Marilyn decides to give him what he wants if it’ll shut him up and leave her alone. So she does…and it turns into her getting her little pink pussy getting obliterated by his massive cock! Marilyn’s tongue goes from inside J’s mouth to all around his dick and balls before they slam her from behind, making her big natural tits bounce and flop all over the place! One innocent kiss is all it takes…and then your buddy’s chick has cum all over her lips!

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Busty blonde Hadley Viscara wants a big dick in her throat. Luckily, Colin Hart arrives in the bedroom and offered his throbbing cock to the cause. A real savior for the poor princess who craves a man. The guys decided to go on a trip together with their girlfriends JoJo Kiss and Karlee Gray. It was wonderful ideas, fresh air pleasant weather and silence. The guys arranged tents and began to prepare everything necessary to settle the camp while their girlfriends regained strength after the trip. One of the girls looks clearly unhappy, the beloved promised to fuck her all day, and now is engaged in some silly things to improve life. The bitch was offended when the boys left to look for firewood for the night fire, and climbing to their own home began to masturbate. At that moment, the beauty heard the sound of running water, this second girl made herself a shower and was now showered with warm water. In the sun, her figure seemed incredibly sexy and the slut wanted to join, especially s..

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BRANDI LOVE & PRESTON PARKER Site: Naughty America Sep 22, 2017 You’ve heard and discussed football, boxing, wine and more with Brandi Love over the years, and you’ve had the pleasure of watching her fuck, too. Well, now it’s your turn, because Brandi wants you. Yes, one of the hottest MILFs alive is ready to take a turn with you and your big dick in her new Naughty America Pornstar Experience, brought to you in glorious Virtual Reality. Yes, you’ll open your eyes to find that luscious ass right before your face. Reach out and rub it, squeeze it, smack it — it’s yours for the day. But not before you get to find out what it’s like to have Brandi’s sweet wet lips wrapped around your throbbing hard dick, with her thing tongue swirling around the shaft and tip. lubing and warming you up for her tingling pussy. If you’re able to sit back, please do, because Brandi’s going to ride your experience out until you can’t handle it anymore!
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